How Do You Know I Have Mold ?

How do you know ?

Visual Inspection

In most cases, mold can be visually identified, in some cases where someone can't identify if a substance is mold then they can call a Mold Specialist. The Specialist would be able to identify the area of concern.

Mold Testing

At times a Mold Specialist mayeven question if a substance is mold themselves. The next step for a Mold Specialist would be to take a sample. These samples would then go to a certified lab. A certified lab then tests the solution to verify if it is mold and if it is then what type of mold it is.

Mold Remediation

There are several ways of removing or remediation mold. If the substance is identified as mold through the visual inspection or testing, then the substance will need to be removed. Removal can consist of treating the area and cleaning it. If there has been damages made to the area then there may need have that area rebuilt.

Processes of Mold Remediation

view through a magnifying glass. white wall with black mold. dangerous fungus that needs to be destroyed. It spoils look of house and is very harmful parasite for human health.

Visualize the Damages That the Mold has Caused

Sometimes the growth is surface level and can be cleaned with DesilFuel only. Other times damages on the materials can cause those areas to be rebuilt.

Determine the Needs of the Facilities Safety

Moving items, containing areas or cover items may need to take place. Sometimes it is necessary to do all three of these steps. It is a Mold Specialists job to determine what a facility needs in order for proper remediation to be completed.

Determine the Most Effective Procedure to Remediate

With many solutions, and processes DesilFuel makes it easy to eliminate most areas of concern. With the launch of various other solutions through DesilPower, DesilFuel's distributor, DesilPower will guarantee the best results with any task.


With knowing all the steps now you can actively eliminate mold stains as well.